About Conrad

About Conrad

Conrad was born in Virginia Beach in October 1986. Conrad attended Glenwood Elementary, Salem Middle and Salem High – graduating in 2005. He earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2010 and a Master’s in Sports Management in 2012, both at ODU.

Since 2005 he’s been service oriented, working at an Oceanfront hotel front desk. Conrad has also volunteered his services. He was a manager for the Old Dominion football team from February 2008 to May 2010. In 2012 he interned with ODU’s basketball team. After graduation, he helped NSU provide in-game statistics and media for football and basketball games.

Conrad is a youth teacher: a season of YMCA soccer, recreation football, and since 2014 – the Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club, and private chess lessons. A political commentator, Conrad contributed to the Virginia Pilot as a letter writer and a guest columnist. This year, in seeing city government lost touch with the needs of the public, Conrad had to run for city council.

Conrad's Vision

Virginia Beach citizens need an open government, and a seat at the table. A service minded citizen on city council, one who respects freedom and the public’s money, can turn city government around.